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Private Clients

Royal Vision Moving Inc. is a leading provider of high-end “white glove” delivery, relocation and storage services in Ontario. Within the luxury segment intelligent clients need much more than a conventional mover or shipping service. We strongly feel that we are the solution to your delivery storage and moving requirements. Our extremely trained employees understand and respect the value of your possessions; We relocate some of the most high-profile individuals and take every precaution necessary to make sure your “White Glove” experience is an enjoyable one.

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Our services were specially crafted for the interior design industry and the high end retail furniture market. This is the moment that each designer has been waiting for. After multiple months or years of finding the perfect interior solution for each specific client Royal Vision Moving can help you bring everything together.

Every project is a unique experience that requires personal attention. with absolute attention to detail we work closely with you to ensure that every project is a great success.

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Most businesses we work with would rather outsource the delivery portion of their business and concentrate on the retail side. With our full range of customized solutions and services you receive museum-quality service with a delicate, specialist touch to safely handle and install fragile and valuable items for your clients.

We are able to communicate directly with our commercial clients and their customers to assist with coordinating any and all of their warehouse and delivery needs.

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Whether you are a designer, retail store or a private client, we offer storage service that is tailored to your unique needs and designed to provide a highly secure environment and the utmost safety to protect your valuables.

You can enjoy piece of mind knowing that your product is stored with the utmost care and respect, in A climate and temperature-controlled storage facility equipped with advanced 24-hour security systems and monitoring.

We are proud to keep our storage environment well maintained, clean and 100% safe. Moreover, our thoughtful customer services will gladly answer all your questions and will offer you customized luxury furniture storage solutions that will meet your needs, timing and budget.

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