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Get to know your company and its culture to develop a tailored recruiting strategy
Examine the role you have to fill and clarify the qualification and skills the candidate must have to ensure success at your organization


Source candidates via the search of databases and headhunting.
Conduct extensive telephone and in-person interviews with candidates and verify their skills. Present the short list of qualified candidates to you.

Post Recruiting

We do walk the extra mile.
Follow up on all placements at 30, 60 and 90 days to ensure a smooth and successfull transition for both the client and the candidate to create a lasting relationship with both parties

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Our areas of specialization for
permanent, contract and temporary positions

Skilled Trades

Staffing Express works closely with construction companies of all sizes and candidates alike to provide specialized recruitment & staffing services.

Office & Administration

We’ll find the right people for key administrative support jobs. people whose enthusiasm will bring the right balance of skill and personality to your workplace.

Technology & IT

We specialize in deploying, retaining and accessing the talent you need to build custom IT solutions.


Optimize your company’s supply chain by optimizing your transportation team. Whether you need a driver or a helper, count on us.


We can staff key logistics personnel such as logistics coordinators and dispatchers. Exceeding your expectations is our goal.

Finance & Accounting

Find and hire skilled accounting and finance professionals on a permanent and full-time basis in Mississauga

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Frequently Asked Questions

We remain alert to job opportunities in all the areas we serve – both immediate and future hiring needs. If your skills and your interests fit the types of positions we place, we’ll invite you to go through different screening steps, including a thorough interview. This information helps us better match you to companies that seek your skills and background and opportunities that fit your career goals. Once we find an assignment for you, we’ll make certain you’re thoroughly prepared for on the job success.

Your Winters representative will provide you with all the details needed to prepare you and make you feel comfortable for your assignment, such as a job description, work guidelines, and instructions for your first day.

If there’s any reason you can’t show up to work or need to cancel your assignment, please call or email your Staffing Express representative.

As a sole proprietor working through a placement / employment agency, your earnings are considered to be both pensionable and insurable. As per CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) guidelines, the agency is required to make deductions for both CPP and EI.)

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